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5 reasons to have a hog roast for your next party

5 reasons to have a hog roast for your next party

Mention hog roast and mouths immediately begin to water. A hog roast is the perfect party food to make an event unique. They are a sure-fire way to grow interest in guests as the mere idea of a hog roast is different from most party foods and catering. There are a number of great reasons to host a hog roast for your next party.

1 – Let someone else do the cooking

A hog roast allows you to enjoy the party or event you are hosting. Rather than slave all day cooking and serving guests, you can sit down and relax while a real BBQ professional takes care of making the food. Not only do you get to enjoy your own party, but you don’t have to do the washing up and everything else that goes with cooking.

2 – No cleanup

A professional hog roast, like the one provided by Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ, takes care of all the cleanup. You don’t have to worry about disposing of any rubbish or cleaning pots, pans, plates, and utensils. You won’t only get a great meal cooked and served by someone else, but they will give you more time to enjoy the day by throwing away the rubbish. 

3 – Do it yourself 

Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ can take care of all the cooking needs. However, many people have always wanted to cook their own hog roast. Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ allows you to hire professional hog roasting equipment to cook your very own hog. You can hire the hog roast machine and purchase a full hog from Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ. The do it yourself route can save you money while still having the hog roast of your dreams. Of course, you may just want to experience the sheer joy of cooking a hog all by yourself. 

4 – Feed everyone at your party and more

A whole roasted hog can feed up to 120 people. Add in the side dishes and other items served at a hog roast and you will have happy guests. Catering an event with a roast hog prevents you from providing exact numbers to a cater with one or two additional guests completely messing up the food service. In addition, the price won’t increase if one or two more guests show up for the event. Hog roasts are flexible and can feed large groups of people for a reasonable price. It is a win-win situation. 

5 – Easy to eat food

A hog roast dinner is easy for guests to eat as they enjoy a party. Guests can eat on the go or sit down to have their meals. You don’t even have to have tables and chairs as guests can sit on blankets, in lawn chairs, or stand. Hog roasts provide a casual dining experience. It isn’t the same as more formal, sit down events. Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ can set up its tables and guests can fill their plates as they wish. Guests can even go back to the buffet to get more of their favourite foods. A hog roast is so easy and convenient for guests that it makes an evening even more special. 

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