More than twenty years of experience and one of the highest and best menu choices accessible anyplace, our dedicated catering team can provide extraordinary tasting food for any number of individuals running from a little and casual get-together of family and companions holding a unique festival through to a vast open-air event with many guests! In addition to our unrivaled determination of hot and scrumptious meat dishes which includes everything from Spit Roasted Pig presented stuffing, Apple Sauce and Crackling, through to Barbecued Beef burger, Peking Duck Wraps and Spicy Thai Chicken Kebab, we are likewise ready to offer a staggering choice of mouth-watering vegan dishes which guarantees that the majority of your guests are left inclination entirely fulfilled!

Our expert hog roast catering service is completely comprehensive and includes everything from giving the plates and dinnerware, laying the tables and setting up the food before your guests through to clearing up a while later, so you are allowed to deal with everything else with the base of pressure or diversion. We are likewise ready to offer a full preparing service for other hog roast catering firms looking to learn from our great dimension of mastery.

Purchase a hog roast machine

You are a useful outside event cook, and you are hoping to buy a hog roast machine which is reasonable for nourishing a substantial number of individuals at a private capacity, for example, a wedding gathering, corporate social occasion or a public expo, at that point you will be enchanted to realize that we can suggest and supply the best hog roast hardware available which has been solely planned and tried by our own one of a kind in house pig roasting and catering specialists. As the UK’s driving maker of brilliant hog roast machines, we are presently ready to offer a clear choice of four phenomenal models which speak to the ideal speculation open door for the maturing business visionary looking to fan out and begin a promising profession as a profoundly effective hog roast food provider.

The two top of the line units we offer is the highest point of the range Titan Hog Roast Machine and the similarly noteworthy Titan Spit Roast machine, which are both more than perfect for those great social occasions where there are a lot of hungry mouths to bolster! Radiantly developed from tempered steel, these superb hog roasting broilers are an outright satisfaction to utilize, and they are additionally fantastically simple to use and clear to work. This leaves you with almost no to do or stress over other than scoring the pig at that point scouring some salt in the wake of pouring some virus water over it once it has been stacked onto the unit. When the pig is set up, and you have completed your necessary arrangements, you switch the machine on and leave it to cooks meat through gradually while you keep an eye on your different obligations. The final product is a delectably cooked hog roast with the most beautifully firm popping you are ever liable to experience!

Here at Spitting Pig, we can offer an utterly whole hog roast for contract service which includes you could need to make your catering event an outright achievement! This includes the hiring of the hog roast machine itself, the supply of new, privately sourced meat or poultry, and furthermore the services of our expert hog roast catering team. On the other hand, we can likewise provide full nearby preparing with the goal that you can learn how to utilize the hardware yourself, totally unsupervised, contingent upon your prerequisites. Connect with our business team with full subtleties of precisely what you are searching for, and we will hit you up with a focused statement.

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