It’s been a rather eventful week in hog roast land.Christine has now returned full time after the birth of Connor who is doing great and looks like a mini me of her ! Matt has left for a 3 month tour of the world and will be back with us selling hog roasts in February ,have a great trip Matt , we will miss you loads .

Right well this week has been hectic in the office on Christine’s first week back,It seems like lots of people are having a hog roast for their Christmas parties! Just this week we have taken bookings in Skipton,Manchester,York,Harrogate and Leeds !

We now have very limited spaces left for your hog roast so please do not try and leave it until the last minute,we hate disappointing people !

Steve is now getting ready for a bust weekend which see’s him start with a hog roast in Manchester which is to be Georgina and Callums big day ! So congratulations to you both from the Smokin’ Joe team . Then he has a birthday party on the Sunday which is Garys big surprise ! I know he is really looking forward to doing this one,he loves Harrogate and surprise birthdays !

Meanwhile Gavin is preparing for busy days Friday,Saturday and Sunday .First up is a cooperate event in Bradford.

On the menu is our Texan BBQ and salads .Saturday takes him and the hog roast set up over into Lancashire as he sets up in Liverpool . I believe this is Sandra’s 50th .It’s the Silver menu this time with Hog Roast served alongside a variety of really fresh salads and probably the best coleslaw I have ever tasted !

Sunday See’s him do the local farmers market.These are long days but are great fun and I know Gavin loves talking to all the different people he meets on them .

Well that’s it for this week . I’ll get back to sending quotes out to you people . Remember to book your hog roasts as early as possible to ensure the date Is available .

That’s all folks .

From Somkin’ Joe’s Hog Roast capital , Sarah .

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