Pork with Mascarpone and Red Wine Sauce

I have always loved Italian food for freshness and simplicity … this is a variation on spaghetti bolognese .. it is a luxury version .. intensely flavoured and utterly delicious.

Lightly fry until just softened (add oil if necessary) the following: Pancetta, mince, onion (chopped finely) Place in crockpot

Heat mascarpone sauce and add garlic (squeezed from garlic press) Add rosemary Add wine Pour onto the mince and mix well

Cook on high 3 hours to allow the flavours to amalgamate.

Either cool and freeze …

… or to serve immediately: Boil farfalline pasta for 9 minutes … stir into the sauce and top with parmigiano.

2 Jars Tomato and Mascarpone Sauce

56g Tesco Finest Parmigiano – grated

750g Pork mince

130g Pancetta cubes

2 Onions – medium

3 Garlic cloves – crushed

3 Rosemary sprigs – fresh

200 ml Red wine

160g Farfalline pasta

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