Its all about the quality of the pig

As a chef you cannot underestimate the importance of the quality of the ingredients you use in cooking. Let the ingredients speak for themselves. Less fuss and more honesty. The quality of the pig is therefore of paramount importance. This means sourcing from the right places. Im talking about farms that really care about there pigs. A pig should be fat and not bred for the 100 meter sprint. I have sourced pigs before that have lacked the necessary layer of fat and the impact it has on the final product is a pork serving which is less moist, less tasty and overall less indulgent.

Its important therefore to see where pigs are being bred. We know what looks a happy home for a pig even if we havent been to a pigs home before. Things like adequate shelter and space, space for the animal to do its thing and nothing resembling the incarceration of a sardine tin! Speak to the farmer and ask questions about his practices. Does he sound like he cares? What practices does he/she implement to secure the safety and welfare of his/her pigs. A little bit of care and attention will ensure that you find the best pigs for your hog roast and keep those customers coming back for more!

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